Complimentary On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Planning Masterclass: How to Plan On-demand and Fixed Routes Together

Determining where your city might benefit from fixed routes as opposed to on-demand zones used to be a difficult guessing game. Until now.

Every transit agency wants to successfully integrate fixed route and tech-enabled on-demand services, without inadvertently creating competing networks. With new software, utilizing data to evaluate existing conditions, understand tradeoffs, and implement truly multimodal mobility solutions is simple and straightforward.

In this bite-sized webinar, Director of Remix Partnerships at Via, Claudia Preciado, will show you how to use Remix to identify opportunities where well-designed on-demand programs can increase access and support your fixed route ridership.

Watch as Claudia:

  • Overlays population data and existing transit networks to assess gaps in service
  • Draws potential service zones and selects optimal wait times
  • Inputs transit hubs as points of interest
  • Receives wait time, cost, and fleet size options to drive informed decision-making
On-Demand Planning Masterclass: How to Plan On-Demand and Fixed Routes Together

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